Red headed people get a lot of grief in this world. From being mocked as gingers, freaks and mutants--it's actually really strange that it's more or less socially acceptable to completely ridicule the freckled folk just because they look like a race of evil subterranean corpse mutants. Just kidding. We've got nothing but love and respect for everyone, whatever color their hair is.

To that end, we've assembled more than a dozen fascinating facts about red hair to impress any fiery haired friends you may have.

For example, did you know redheads actually need higher doses of anesthesia and lower doses of pain killers?

We are all genetic mutants, but redheads are the rarest as far as hair color is concerned. Researchers are still discovering the ways redheads are different from the rest of us, but here are 13 facts to hold us over until the next study gives us more reason to tease the gingers in our lives. 

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