In case you haven't noticed, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is pretty good at foreshadowing. Like, really good. So much so that sometimes fans can predict the plot points of upcoming movies years in advance. In fact, some foreshadowing in the MCU is so subtle that only eagle-eyed viewers catch it. Here are some of the best examples of MCU foreshadowing! (Psst, don't read if you're not caught up on all the movies!)

Do you like getting hints about what's going to happen in future movies before they come out? Of course, you do! Lucky for you the Marvel Cinematic Universe is FULL of foreshadowing. Check out these examples to see what we mean. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

One of the most crucial parts of Marvel movies is laying the groundwork for future Marvel movies. Here are 14 times filmmakers hinted at what was coming next. Excited, right? Bring your most delicious food items and snack-like objects because you are not going to want to leave this tab any time soon…

SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE Before Olivia Octavius is revealed to BE Dr. Octopus, we get visual foreshadowing with her octagon- shaped glasses and office lights. Of course, the name was also a hint. CRACKED.COM


CAPTAIN AMERICA WINTER SOLDIER Who is Zola's algorithm targeting? Any threat to HYDRA, says Agent Sitwell. That includes Captain America, Bruce Banner ... and Stephen Strange. Welcome to the MCU, Master of the Mystic Arts. CRACKED.COM


SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Spider-Man questions Aaron Davis, a dude who wants his nephew to grow up safe. His nephew? None other than Miles Morales, the Ultimate Universe Spidey. We also get a peek at Miles' mask in the end credits. Let's go! CRACKED.COM


IRON MAN 2 As Tony Stark and Nick Fury discuss the Avengers Initiative, a digital map behind Stark highlights a circled location in Africa. That's Wakanda, folks, a full six years before Black Panther leaped into the MCU. CRACKED.COM


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