15 Lines And Scenes In Famous Movies That Were Ad-Libbed

Turns out, Tony Stark’s death scene was unscripted.
15 Lines And Scenes In Famous Movies That Were Ad-Libbed

Who could forget Harrison Ford's "I know" line in Star Wars? Or Robin Williams' hysterical improvisation in Aladdin? Improvisation is often what makes or breaks a scene, and these iconic moments are no exception.

Did you know that a lot of the scenes in famous movies were ad-libbed? It's true! For example, did you know that the 'I'm flying' scene in Spider-Man was improvised by Tobey Maguire? Or that the 'Here's Johnny' scene from The Shining was improvised by Jack Nicholson? Check out this infographic for more funny examples of ad-libbing in famous movies. You won't believe what some of these actors came up with on the spot! In fact, some of the most iconic movie moments were improvised by the actors on the spot. Here are some of our favorite examples…

You’d think that major studios would tightly script major moments like, say, the hero of your whole franchise dying … but that’s not the case for Marvel, apparently. Here’s the full story, plus 14 others:

Hobbs & Shaw's banter in Fast 8 was improvised (and led to a new franchise). HOBBS FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS & SHAW Dwayne Johnson said he wanted to try out something new in a scene where Jason Statham was working on his car, and he started talking trash. It led to great chemistry. CRACKED.COM

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