16 Mythbusting Moments About Movie Violence

If you listen to Hollywood, you'll have your butt kicked -- or worse.
16 Mythbusting Moments About Movie Violence

We're all fascinated with violence, to a certain degree. And it's omnipresent: from movies, TV, video games and family holidays, we all experience it. And honestly, do we mind? No, we actually seek it out - like an ice cream bar that can kick your face off.

Movies are chock-full of fistfights, shootouts, and explosions -- which is funny, considering the people who make movies aren’t the type to engage in violence (and when they are, they’re often not people you want to make movies with). Of course, screen violence isn’t real, but maybe you aren’t aware of how not real it is. 

Somebody could have easily done a little more research and made all this more realistic, but they sure didn't. Like, you know who has had a conversation during a gunfight? The answer is no one, ever. We’ve collected these 16 examples of Hollywood's nonsense views on violence just to set the record a little straighter.

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