14 Unforgivably Gratuitous TV And Movie Cameos

14 Unforgivably Gratuitous TV And Movie Cameos

Like the latest Diana film, Spencer premiered, royal experts labeled it 'cruel' and 'unnecessarily gratuitous,' claiming that the film, starring Kristen Stewart, deprives the late lady of her ‘respect and decency.'

Columnists have warned that scenes in the film depicting Diana breaking down and crying next to William as she fights her disorder or self-harm will frustrate both of Diana's children, Princes William, and Harry.

Will Schoder, a cinematographer who generates thought-provoking filmmaking video writings, took a humorous look at just how celebrity cameos are often an unwarranted interruption to the plot point and the flow of the motion picture when done poorly. Whenever the cameo is performed well, it starts to feel appropriate and organic, particularly when the actor plays against character.  

From Paris Hilton playing a monster…impersonating Paris Hilton to Michelle Obama playing…well, herself, sort of…almost all of these are a stretch.

Here's an outlandish suggestion: hire actors to do your acting. No, stunt-casting mega-celebrities do not qualify as "actors."

Kevin Federline CSI: LAS VEGAS CRACKED.COM K. Fed achieves max punchability as Cole Pig Tritt, a gang boss who goads a cop into PopoZao-ing him in the face.

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