Our world is a weird world, full of bizarre and baffling things that are totally confounding. Don't believe us? Search this site for the words “weird,” “bizarre,” and “baffling.” Yeah, there's a reason we use them so much. The world is just that wild. But that's not a bad thing! It's fun! That weird, bizarre, and baffling aspect of life is part of why this website exists! We can't get enough of the brain-exploding facts that life has to offer. Plus, it's endlessly satisfying to be at a party and start a story with “you're not gonna believe this guy from Utah's napping habits.” Yes, we go to parties. Sometimes. No, we're not chained to a desk in our mom's basement making memes. We picked the lock on those handcuffs, and we went to some parties, and we talked about a guy in Utah's napping habits. Because that's what you do at parties, right? Here's more detail on that story, plus 11 others:

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