14 Actors On The Career Choices They Regret The Most

Ah, regrets.
14 Actors On The Career Choices They Regret The Most

"Can you tell me about your worst regrets?" This is one of the most obvious questions a journalist can ask a performer, but the answer is frequently rather telling.

Even if the premise or role appears to be excellent, poor writing or directing might derail it. An actor's remuneration may be sufficient to persuade them to do a job they aren't particularly enthusiastic about.

We all have disappointments, some major and some minor. Participating in the entertainment business puts you in the spotlight, and the pressure to maintain a certain image can result in tough choices as well as long-term consequences. In reality, almost every artist, no matter how talented they are or how excellent the level of project they generally sign on to, has expressed regret over a performance that didn't turn out as planned.

In retrospect, hindsight can be a tremendous pain in the neck. Just ask these Hollywood icons who wish they could go back in time and change some of their decisions.

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