15 Movies That Took Their Sweet Time Getting Made

We're lucky these aren't still in pre-production.
15 Movies That Took Their Sweet Time Getting Made

Movies are a form of entertainment that we all enjoy. We go to the theaters to watch them or watch them at home when they come out on DVD or streaming. Sometimes, it feels like forever since you first hear a movie is getting made until you get to fill your face with popcorn in front of it. Other times it doesn't just feel like it -- it does take forever, or close enough. Show business is a slow, lumbering beast, not nearly as fast-paced as some of the flics it regularly spews. Movie production is a long, involved process that takes up a number of years -- and occasionally, that amount just happens to be "an awful lot."

Making a movie is no easy feat. It takes a lot of time, money, and effort to bring a movie to the big screen. Sometimes, movies take so long to get made that by the time they finally come out, they've been forgotten about. Here are a few movies that took a long time to get made but were worth the wait.

Released in 2019 David Fincher and Tim Miller announced their own version of Heavy Metal in 2008. As the rights had been snatched when Netflix got interested, their animated sci-fi anthology was named LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS.

Source: IGN

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