Two-second scenes from movies sometimes take months to accomplish. For example, every single frame of a translucent ghost in Ghostbusters had to be drawn by hand. Here are 14 more visual effects that took more effort than we realized…

Machines at Silicon Valley and Caltech were involved in rendering Terminator: 2's finale. Although it kind of looks cartoony today, it took the best computing power of the day to create it and it'd look even better if they hadn't run out of time to render it. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vulture

They made 4,000 or SO miniatures and models for the VFX in Independence Day. into PATILLE mith things think It took nine months to film all the miniature and model footage they needed, and up to four camera crews were filming it at any one time. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vulture

They filmed the sinking of a partial full-scale warship replica for one scene in Dunkirk. The ship was mounted on a hydraulic gimbal to simulate what would be happening in combat, and they added crowds and the rest of the ship with CGI. CRACKED.COM

Source: IndieWire

It took 220 visual effects artists to create Pogo from The Umbrella Academy. Plus, two actors perform the character-- one is on set, and the other provides the voice and the facial expressions that get mapped onto the Pogo CG model. CRACKED.COM

Source: IndieWire

It took three weeks to create one on-screen second of a ghost in Ghostbusters. There was no CGI back then, so animation had to be drawn frame by frame (some ghosts were puppets, though, and those were easier to animate). CRACKED.COM

Source: DenOfGeek

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