Sometimes the world can seem awfully boring, mundane and predictable. That’s until you do even a touch of digging and looking at what’s really going on. We love to dive into the strange and the unexpected.  For example, there was the time we wrote about news stories that were actually completely wrong. Or the time we covered absolutely wild things that turned out to be true.

The thing is, these odd and fascinating facts are all around us.  We couldn’t believe the job that a Swedish politician picked up after a failed re-election bid. You know what though? We sure do admire it. 

While we too love our cheese, we were delighted to learn about how an unbridled love of stilton cheese led to the downfall of a particular criminal.

Apparently, some millionaires are so mad at Jeff Bezos for not paying his taxes that they mobbed his house. Here’s the full story, plus 11 others:

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