Sometimes the world can seem awfully boring, mundane and predictable. That’s until you do even a touch of digging and looking at what’s really going on. We love to dive into the strange and the unexpected.  For example, there was the time we wrote about news stories that were actually completely wrong. Or the time we covered absolutely wild things that turned out to be true.

The thing is, these odd and fascinating facts are all around us.  We couldn’t believe the job that a Swedish politician picked up after a failed re-election bid. You know what though? We sure do admire it. 

While we too love our cheese, we were delighted to learn about how an unbridled love of stilton cheese led to the downfall of a particular criminal.

Apparently, some millionaires are so mad at Jeff Bezos for not paying his taxes that they mobbed his house. Here’s the full story, plus 11 others:

WEIRD WORLD A Canadian soldier fed other soldiers weed cupcakes in a live fire exercise. The gunners who were fed the cupcakes had no idea what they were eating, and apparently suddenly developed paranoia, confusion, and fatigue. CRACKED.COM

Source: CTV

WEIRD WORLD Somehow, an alligator with terrible arthritis escaped from a Wisconsin ZOO. (illustration) The unathletic and overweight alligator got out and was later returned -- but the zoo owner absolutely had no idea how he pulled it off. He can barely open his jaws. CRACKED.COM

Source: The Hill

WEIRD WORLD In Spain, a guy somehow climbed into a dinosaur statue and then died there. Police think the 39-year-old was trying to get his mobile phone, SO he entered the statue's leg, got stuck inside, and then just couldn't get out. CRACKED.COM

Source: The Guardian

WEIRD WORLD In a Georgia county, officials had to ask people to stop calling 911 about cicadas. The Union county Fire/Rescue and Emergency Management Agency said it's been getting plenty of calls about alarms .-which are probably just cicada songs.g CRACKED.COM

Source: The Hill

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