Engage: Gene Roddenberry’s 12 Rules for Creating Star Trek: The Next Generation

Engage: Gene Roddenberry’s 12 Rules for Creating Star Trek: The Next Generation

Gene Roddenberry's Rules were designed to create a sense of order and structure on the set of Star Trek: The Next Generation. However, these rules were also intended to promote creativity and encourage collaboration among the cast and crew. For example, Rule #1 stated that "There will be no fighting on the ship". This rule not only kept the peace on set but also helped to foster a sense of camaraderie among the cast and crew. Similarly, Rule #5 stated that "There will be no talking in the corridors". This rule helped to create a sense of mystery and suspense on-screen, but it also encouraged the cast and crew to communicate more effectively with each other. Ultimately, Gene Roddenberry's Rules served as both a guide and an inspiration for those who worked on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Thanks to these rules, the show became one of the most successful television series of all time.

Moreover, When Roddenberry and crew decided to launch ST: TNG, they created a show bible that laid down the rules for a new generation of cosmic storytelling. Something must have worked -- the show generated nearly 100 more episodes than the iconic original.

Stories must have a personal element and a SCI-FIELEMENT The science fiction element should be and visual. (It doesn't have tobe a galactic event.) The personal element can be created by the charcters, by the plot, or by the science fiction element. The key: Show how real human beings cope with fantastic situations. CRACKED.COM

We will never see the ORIGINAL CREW Kirk and the gang are long gone, though they live on in legend. The focus is on the new characters. In other words, writers, do not think about introducing Spock Junior. CRACKED.COM

KLingons Enough already with the Producers were intent on not copying Star Trek's success, so no stories about warfare with Klingons or Romulans and no stories with Vulcans. Worf, introduced in the premiere, was not supposed to BE a recurring character. (Romulans and Vulcans eventually showed up as well.) CRACKED.COM

We aren't galaxy cops. Stay true to the PRIME DIRECTIVE We are not in the business of toppling cultures that we do not approve of. We will protect ourselves and our mission whenever necessary, but we are not space meddlers. CRACKED.COM

HOLODECK Let's introduce the freaking This fun plot device would. reverberate through all subsequent Star Treks. The holodecks can duplicate with startling reality almost any landscape or seaworld, including Sherlock Holmes' London. CRACKED.COM

The 25th Century places a premium on MENTAL HEALTH It says something about the the growing maturity of humanity that Starfleet welcomes the ship Counselor's insights on even their own performance. In fact, command makes use of the Counselor in much the same way as they solicit the advice and expertise of the vessel's other highly trained specialists. CRACKED.COM

Like the original Star Trek, this is a FAMILY AFFIAR The success of the original series is due to the fact that it was a family ensemble, not a showcase for the series star. The continuing characters feel great affection tor each other, allowing the audience to share that affection. CRACKED.COM

The Federation has only charted 19% of THE GALAXU The billions of stars in our galaxy are still being charted and their solar systems explored, a task SO vast that without almost unimaginable changes in the nature of humanity and its space travel methods, this could still go on for hundreds of centuries. So much for the question: 'Are there any Star Trek stories left?'' CRACKED.COM

One of the shows heroes is the ENTERPRISE #111 #111 SINNIS will This version of the ship is its fifth iteration. At eight times the size of the original Enterprise, it's much more of a traveling community than a battleship. CRACKED.COM

The most essential script element is BELIEVRBILITY If writers doubted a scene, producers suggested they apply a simple test: Would I believe this if it was occurring on the bridge of the battleship Missouri? If you would not believe it in the twentieth century, then our audience probably won't believe it in the twenty-fourth. CRACKED.COM

Let Number One handle the AWAY TEAM Why risk sending Picard into an unknown, potentially dangerous situation when you have Will Riker around? ST:TNG would place strategy in the Captain's capable hands, while the First Officer was in charge of strange-planet tactical. CRACKED.COM

All episodes must have drama + action + ADVENTURE The entertainment must involve our starship crew and vessel... PLUS once the above has captured the audience's attention, We want to include our usual comments about what humanity now faces. CRACKED.COM


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