16 Easter Eggs And Hidden Meanings In 'Schitt's Creek'

The show that taught a lot of people that Catherine O’Hara was also in "Beetlejuice."
16 Easter Eggs And Hidden Meanings In 'Schitt's Creek'

Schitt’s Creek was a critically acclaimed favorite sitcom and probably the best thing to come from Canada since hockey, ketchup-flavored potato chips, and universal healthcare. It is a lauded series that has a hardcore, dedicated fanbase that continues to watch reruns on streaming. Plus, it is still alive and well via gifs and memes on the Internet. It truly deserves every bit of kudos it has earned.

Yet even the most ardent fan of the Rose family may not know every bit of trivia about the show or hasn't discovered all the Easter eggs from it. There are several in-jokes and references hidden in the props and wardrobe that show how much detail went into making the series. Well, we at Cracked are also big fans and we can help you out.

Here are 16 little fun hidden gems within the show Schitt's Creek that you can show off to other like-minded fans.


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