15 Hard-To-Spot Homages In Famous Movies

Turns out, George Lucas gave clues from the get-go about where he lifted ideas from.
15 Hard-To-Spot Homages In Famous Movies

Movies are a visual medium. Directors and cinematographers use camera angles, lighting, and setting to create a certain mood or feeling for the audience. In some cases, they also include subtle references to other movies. These references are known as homages. While most people who watch a movie will never spot them, they can be fun for film fans to find.

These are a great form of entertainment. Not only do they let us escape from reality, but they also offer up a variety of Easter eggs for eagle-eyed moviegoers. Sometimes these references and homages can be difficult to spot, but that doesn't make them any less enjoyable. In this article, we'll take a look at some famous movies that contain hard-to-spot homages. We'll explore what makes these references so special and why they're worth looking out for. So sit back, relax, and get ready to watch some classic films with a new perspective!

Arkham Asylum's name is a nod to H.P. Lovecraft and his Arkham Sanitarium. Climb Up Arkham Sanitarium showed up in his books, and it had his trademark sense of subtly unsettling madnesscwhich Arkham Asylum evokes, too. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBR

A Seinfeld episode is full of allusions to a highly respected playwright. The 1997 episode The Betrayal lifted its title and plot elements from Harold Pinter's play Betrayal, and even named a character Pinter. CRACKED.COM

Source: NYU

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