Is there anything more iconic in sci-fi than 'Star Trek'? The classic series first aired in 1966 and introduced audiences to a bright future where humans had learned to travel through space. Unfortunately, even the all-knowing Captain Kirk and his crew made mistakes sometimes - and some of those blunders were pretty science embarrassing. Here are 15 moments that got scientific facts wrong, proving that no one is perfect (even Spock). Buckle up; it's going to be a bumpy ride!

It remains to be seen how successful he was. You know what? Let’s find out right now. Now, this isn't to argue that these episodes are horrible. Some of them are genuinely quite good. And, unlike other nerds, we're not claiming that getting the science incorrect is a major issue. We're not scientists, but we adore Star Trek and watch, believe in, and enjoy it. We also get a good chuckle over it from time to time.

Voyager / “Macrocosm” A VIRUS CAN’T HUNT YOU, NO MATTER ITS SIZE. Captain Janeway goes full Ripley against… um… yeah, that’s right -- against a bunch of goddamn giant viruses trying to take her down. Viruses aren’t living creatures. They can’t move, eat, or perceive their surroundings -- or actually grow any bigger than they are born.

Sources: Gizmodo, BBC

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