From members of the Beatles to Weezer, musicians have lined up to play animated versions of themselves. Here are 15 of the most memorable music cameos on The Simpsons.

Hullabalooza isn't complete without SMASHING PUMPKINS GRACKEDO Billy Corrigan, smashing Pumpkins. Homer Simpson, smiling politely. Homer finds fame on the tour as Fat Guy Who Gets Hit In the Stomach With Cannonballs. As James Iwa says People from high school get to see what a successful freak you've become.


PHARRELL WILLIAMS offers to write Springfield's new town song MAYOR CRACKED.CO But the job has been promised to Lisa. When Pharrell starts to sing anyway, he is blindfolded, tied to a horse and sent packing. Undaunted, the exiled singer taunts the town with Shelbyville rules, Springfield drools!


Everyone loves a Flaming Moe, especially AeROSMITH CRACKED.COM Moe begs the band to rock the house, but Steven and the boys refuse until they're offered free pickled eggs. Then it's HELLO, ST. LOUIS! and a howling, flaming-hair version of Walk This Way. Moe even gets to croak along on the chorus.

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