15 Ridiculous Lawsuits Celebs Were Involved In

15 Ridiculous Lawsuits Celebs Were Involved In

 Lawsuits are an occupational hazard of being a celebrity, that much is certain. Famous folks lawyer up big-time for a reason: the court sometimes comes-a-callin'. Often, it's more than justified, it's actually long overdue given celebs sometime atrocious behavior. See pretty much from 2018 on. We've said ‘so long’ to those who really should have been nixed a looong time ago. 

Other times, though, court actions can be just plain frivolous. You've read the eye-rolling headlines before. For example: Hormel Foods, those mythical makers of SPAM, once launched legal action to prevent "evil in porcine form"  from killing people’s appetite for SPAM. It's that kind of crap that gives Saul Goodman a bad name, and as we all know, that is nearly impossible. But think on it a moment, like, how are the Muppets going to destroy anyone's career other than almost Jason Segel's.  Here’s the full story, plus 14 others:

An Oregon guy sued Michael Jordan over his resemblance to him. JORDAN LOOK-ALIKE? MICHAEL ALLEN JORDAN HECKARD Allen Heckard sued Jordan for $416 million because, he said, being mistaken for Jordan all the time caused him emotional pain and defamation. CRACKED.COM

Source: TIME

Hedy Lamarr sued Warner Bros. for the Hedley Lamarr joke in Blazing Saddles. A character was named Hedley Lamarr, and Lamarr really didn't like that. She settled out of court, winning some money and getting Mel Brooks to apologize to her for almost using her name. CRACKED.COM

Source: PBS

The NFL sued M.I.A. over giving the middle finger in the Super Bowl halftime show. In 2012's Super Bowl halftime show, M.I.A. flipped off the camera at one point. This led to 222 complaints with the FCC, claiming, for example, that what she did was essentially flipping off America, and flipping off my family. CRACKED.COM

Source: ESPN

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