There’s some facts that surprise us.  But more surprising are those facts that aren’t, well, factual at all.  For example: Sneezing with your eyes wide open is actually impossible. The enormous squid boasts the world's biggest eyes. The house of representatives of Commons in England is not permitted to talk. When a researcher went past a radar tube as well as a bar of chocolate melted in his pocket, he developed microwaves.

Without a doubt, the world is filled with obvious hilarious facts that almost all individuals are probably already aware of but do not really think about very often, along with mind-blowing truths that some may find hard to believe.

We learn a lot throughout our lives, and not everything we learn is correct. Here are some frequent misunderstandings that you should no longer believe.

We combed the internet and studied dozens of pages of information to compile a list of amusing, mind-blowing truths that we believe you should know and will enjoy.

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