Tell Us Now: 20 Romcoms That Are Just Thinly Veiled Horror Movies

Tell Us Now: 20 Romcoms That Are Just Thinly Veiled Horror Movies

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook and YouTube which romcoms are perilously close to being horror flicks… and boy, do you guys hate Adam Sandler. Specifically, Fifty First Dates. Which, well, that’s pretty understandable, especially after so very many of you explained your reasoning in such clear terms. If there is any kind of film that just loves hanging out right on that line between “awwwww” inspiring and “ahhhhhh!” inducing, it would have to be romcoms. It’s pretty common and terrifically easy to critique them, but those criticisms usually only focus on the contrivances of the plot. With time and hindsight, however, the creepiness of it all starts to break through the cracks. 

No, the film "Insidious" is not inspired by the true story. The film is a piece of fiction predicated on the collaboration of writer Leigh Whannell and filmmaker Wan. Whannell began writing the screenplay for 'Insidious' a week later.

Take ‘Her’ for example (as in, the movie, not ‘some lady’). A self-aware computer program dupes a man. If the software program manipulated or repeatedly tried to endanger the man, it might conveniently become a horror film. People, beware of the hazards of technology!

Likewise, Monster-In-Law, an overpowering mother, tries everything she can to prevent her son's wedding by a dog-walker she does not approve of. She is doing everything short of killing her, though forcing her to taste something she's allergic to is virtually the same. Yes, of course, Jennifer Lopez, as a temp, fights back, even though her fiancé's mother attempted to murder her. That is pretty terrifying, especially if the mother-son relationship is researched in a much more Bates Motel-esque manner.

Read below to see how a bunch of romcoms could easily be pitched as horror movies. And watch our video about the time The 40-Year Old Virgin got shut down because Steve Carell looked like a serial killer. 

TELL US NOW. FIFTY of of SHADES GREY GRACKED If he wasn't rich, it would be stalking, theft, voyeurism, etc etc. If the main man was from a trailer park and not a penthouse, that movie would have been horror all day. AMANDAS

TELL US NOW. LEAP YEAR Are process 65 to borfriend of the This is not All bortrand CRACKED Woman goes to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend on February 29th because (according to Irish tradition) he won't be able to say no... yikes. RENEEE

TELL US NOW. PRETTY WOMAN JULIA tw ROBERTS PRET CRACKED A psychologically damaged yuppie enslaves a financially desperate woman and forces her to act as his glorified fashion accessory during business dealings. In the end, they fall in love... or is it Stockholm Syndrome?? JARED L

TELL US NOW. ELF CRACKED Some strange guy hiding in the bathroom while you shower. KEINT

TELL US NOW. LOVE POTTON NUMBER NINE GRACKED Two scientists develop a throat spray from a potion that makes their voices romantically irresistible to the opposite sex. RENEEE

TELL US NOW. THE HOTTLE AND THE NOTILE that's GHAU'S HOG NOG GRACKED The main character drives across the country to pursue his first grade crush (who he hasn't seen in 20 years), and that's just the START of the film. STEWARTM

TELL US NOW. FIFTY FIRST DATES GRACKED The ENDING to 50 First Dates is like the BEGINNING of a Saw movie: Drew Barrymore wakes up with a video tape explaining her current situation. RAMIROL

TELL US NOW. FIFTY FIRST DATES CRACKED Imagine getting in an accident and waking up married to Adam Sandler. KRIS L

TELL US NOW. FIFTY FIRST DATES CRACKED A stalker takes advantage of his victim's memory problems to stalk and harass her, every day of her life. ROBER

TELL US NOW. THE NOTEBOOK CRACKED A summer flings turns one man into an obsessive stalker who will do anything to gaslight the girl who got away into coming back to him. COLLEEND

TELL US NOW. THE NOTEBOOK CRACKED The guy threatens suicide if the lady won't go on a date with him, and then threatens suicide again on the first date. That's not the kind of person you start a relationship with, that's the kind of person you call the police on. MATTHEW

TELL US NOW. FAILURE LAUNCH 1a1 lau to The GRACKED Homeboy was kidnapped, all because he still lived with his parents. That's a real-life scenario for a lot of 30-somethings these days. MACACOC

TELL US NOW. PROPOSAL THE CRACKED Swap out deported for damned and make that cute puppy a hellhound and you've got something. And I'm sure Betty White would be down for playing some kind of Faustian demon just for good measure. ADAM N

TELL US NOW. PROPOSAL LIFE SANDRA BULLOCK RYAN REYNOLDS GRACKED Dude drags his boss (whom he despises) to a remote part of Alaska in an attempt to defraud the US government. And then Betty White gets involved. PATRICKH

TELL US NOW. HITCH Will Smith is GRACKED An introvert is deeply obsessed with his client. Instead of trying to express his real feelings, he associates with a clandestine master of deception to learn how to manipulate her. Meanwhile, a reckless journalist is trying to avenge her best friend. Will the journalist uncover the truth before realizing the clandestine master has chosen her as his next target? MARIO L

TELL US NOW. OVERBOARD GRACKED Think about how messed up that situation is: taking a woman with amnesia, convincing her she's his wife and forcing her to clean up after four slobs. JENN

TELL US NOW. WHILE you WERE SLEEPING CRACKED While he's in a coma, a stranger decides to invite herself into his family. Then she lies to him, to get him to marry her. MARIINA-A

TELL US NOW. WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING CRACKED It's just SO creepy to lie to strangers that you are together with someone you don't even know, who's in a coma MARINA-

TELL US NOW. THE LIZZIE MCGUIRE MOVIE HILARY DUFF CRACKED She travels to Italy, a random guy comes up to her and tells her she looks like a pop star, and because he's cute, she SNEAKS OUT OF HER SCHOOL GROUP to hang out with him on multiple occasions. BETHANY N

TELL US NOW. EVERY HALLMARK ROMCOM HOLIDAY IN HANDCUFFS MAROLONIU GRACKED Take your pick of nearly any Hallmark romcom. In one of them a woman kidnapped a random guy at gunpoint so she doesn't show up to Christmas with her family alone. Another one is about a guy molesting a woman in an elevator repeatedly until she marries him. That one got sequels. DAMINITE
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