Have you ever watched a film or TV show and thought, “Yeah, they cast the perfect person for this role”? You literally cannot think of any other performer that could fill in the shoes of that particular character. Sure, in reality, this person likely was considered among a few, a dozen, or maybe even hundreds of potential actors, but stuck out among them all to get this part because they just fit the bill perfectly.

But in some alternate reality, that actor didn't get the part and it was given to someone else. That could have happened. A bad audition, a bad day at the casting office, or a great day by a different actor could have changed the historical landscape. We have no idea how close it could have gone. Until now.

Many of the most iconic roles for specific actors went to someone else who is just as noteworthy. Here are a few examples:

Chuck Norris could've been in That '70s Show. They wanted him to play Red Forman, but he said no because he couldn't make the schedule work. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBR

They nearly got Patrick Stewart to play Data, not Picard. Roddenberry considered Stewart for Data at first, and only thought he could play Picard after being persuaded by Stewart's gentlemanly demeanor and flawless delivery of dialogue. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC

All the Monty Python members wanted to play Willy in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Peter Sellers did, too - -but Gene Wilder beat them all out. CRACKED.COM

Source: ABC

Henry Cavill could have played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. He auditioned, but Robert Pattinson beat him out. CRACKED.COM

Source: Yahoo

Somehow, Bill Murray was under consideration for the role of Batman in 1989's Batman. He was in the running before they got Tim Burton to direct, and once Burton took over, Murray's name got thrown out. Murray said, I would have been a fine Batman. You know, there have been a number of Batmen. I like them... I thought Mike Keaton did a great job as Batman. It's obviously- it's a great role. CRACKED.COM

Source: ContactMusic

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