Tell Us Now: Which Franchise Features The Wildest, Most Erratic Driving?

You're telling me a baby drives this car?
Tell Us Now: Which Franchise Features The Wildest, Most Erratic Driving?

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook and YouTube which movies and TV shows feature the most reckless disregard for the rules of the road… and you guys absolutely piled on the cops from The Blues Brothers.

See some more answers below, and then check out our answer: it's Justice League. Don't let Zack Snyder within ten feet of an 18 wheeler or a hot dog cart.

TELL US NOW. Mad Max 009 CRACKED Alex R. says people need to respect the rules of the road, even in a post-apocalyptic hellscape: The raiders had no respect for other drivers. Always going off road, and made insurance impossible in the desert.'
TELL US NOW. Thelma & Louise CRACKED Martin T. didn't see the movie, but he got the basic gist: I didn't watch it because I skip chick flicks, but didn't they end up driving in some kind of ditch? Yeah, something like that!
TELL US NOW. Studio Ghibli GRAGKED Seth B. says Studio Ghibli films tend to have terrible drivers, but Riddlemyassbatman points out a major exception: the mom from Ponyo-- she f*ing drives in a demon tsunami.
TELL US NOW. The Rock sian Hin CRACKED Joe M. would like to nominate Nicholas Cage when he's chasing Sean Connery for most reckless driving in a movie.
TELL US NOW. CRACKED Mark A. is all but calling out Dumb And Dumber: Any film where the driver turns around to look at the passengers in the back seat.
TELL US NOW. Fast & Furious CRACKED Macaco C. points out the road rage directed at everyone who's not part of the family: Not only do they destroy cars on an almost constant basis, but every time they drive down the road, people get killed/crushed.
TELL US NOW. Batman CRACKED Sure, Batman gets credit for always driving cars where cars aren't supposed to go, but David A. says that doesn't necessarily make him a good driver: I don't think any batmobile in any movie has made it to the end credits.
TELL US NOW. CRACKED Taric D. could not possibly have been more correct: Toonces the driving cat!
TELL US NOW. The Blues Brothers CRACKED Lots of people called out the cops in The Blues Brothers, but George P. put it best: the state of Illinois put more effort into apprehending 2 blues musicians than they did Richard Kimble.
TELL US NOW. Star Wars 00 CRACKED Tyler M. finds it curious that the best star pilot in the galaxy never fails to destroy all of his ships.
Tell Us Now: Which Franchise Features The Wildest, Most Erratic Driving?
TELL US NOW. Star Wars CRACKED Mike D. called out TIE fighter pilots: The Millennium Falcon is a much bigger ship that was flown by various /copilot teams and it constantly outmaneuvered the (supposedly) more agile fighters.
TELL US NOW. I Am Legend CRACKED WhyrenGp says zombie movies all have the same problem: Whoever keeps blocking the highways. And nonesta13 wonders how did all those people get stuck, meanwhile, Will Smith can do drive bys on deer?
TELL US NOW. GRAGKED Chris C. flipped the script on Us: Happy Gilmore was the best driver but he couldn't putt very well.
TELL US NOW. Inception CRACKED Doran M. says, renegade cargo trains aside, it even took them 40 minutes to crash once they were falling!
TELL US NOW. Lethal Weapon GRAGKED Chris K. points out that, in the scene where Mitchell Ryan is on the phone with Gary Busey, if you watch the scene he is driving sideways somehow, which is some sort of sorcery.
TELL US NOW. CRACKED We don't know which is the immovable object, and which is the unstoppable force, but Helios A. points out that The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones is exactly one of those scenarios.
TELL US NOW. James Bond GRAGKED Cody M. had to address the elephant in the room: James Bond is surprisingly terrible. He usually causes way more damage than the villains he's chasing.
TELL US NOW. Driving Miss Daisy 1 n e GRAGKED a th I Zach S. says it took 'em forever to get anywhere! Plus... the underlying theme.'
Tell Us Now: Which Franchise Features The Wildest, Most Erratic Driving?
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