What’s the Deal with Sloths? 15 Facts about Your Favorite Slow Jam

Slow, lazy, loves to eat -- is it any wonder Etsy says sloths have become America’s most popular animal? If you love them, just sit there and do nothing. That’s the sloth spirit.


what's the deal with sloths? Sloths are more popular than UNICORNS Sloths have overtaken the mythical creatures as the it animal, says an Etsy trend report. Shoppers and sellers alike have gravitated to the laid-back demeanor of the sloth, a real-life representation of the carefree lifestyle many of us



what's the deal with sloths? The Internet is stuffed with SLOTH LOVE Socially Lazy Sloth. Dozens of Tumblr blogs and Facebook fan pages. More than 330,000 search results for 'sloth' on YouTube. Then there's sloth-facing, a Photoshop meme where someone's eyes and brows are aligned with the nose to

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what's the deal with sloths? Some sloths spend their life TOTALLY BAKED Three-toed pygmy sloths living on Escudo have a fondness for red mangrove trees, which contain a fungus similar to Valium. They are definitely the most laid-back of sloths, says one researcher. It would certainly explain why they

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what's the deal with sloths? No one loves sloths like KRISTEN BELL ellen He's coming for GRAGKEDOOM the Party Hubby Dax Shepard brought a sloth to Bell's 31st birthday party -- and she completely lost her freaking mind. She told Ellen about her over-the-top response and the sloth-obsessed clip was viewed



what's the deal with sloths? SLOTHS POOP one massive dump per week CRACKED COM Sloths only poop every five to seven days on average. But when they do, stand back! Sloths lose up to one-third of the body weight in a single movement. And they push that sucker out in one

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what's the deal with sloths? October 20 is International SLOTH DAY CRAGKEDCOM The sloth holiday was created by AIUNAU, an animal conservation organization i in Columbia. As per tradition, one celebrates International Sloth Day by sleeping for several hours, waking only to eat or mate.

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what's the deal with sloths? Cute, sure, but sloths are SLOW AF CRACKED COM On your typical Tuesday, a sloth travels about 41 yards. So less than half a football field. Sloths' extremely low metabolic rate means they move at a sluggish pace. Even slugs are like those guys are slackers.

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what's the deal with sloths? Geico has employed a SPOKESLOTH Like the gecko and cavemen before it, a sloth is now convincing consumers that 15 minutes with Geico could save them 15% or more on car insurance. Just one more sign that sloths are firmly entrenched in the zeitgeist.

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what's the deal with sloths? A sloth could likely KICK YOUR ASS Think twice before challenging a sloth to an arm-wrestling match. Sloths are more than three times stronger than the average human. Their special muscle structure is strong enough to withstand a jaguar trying to yoink them from

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what's the deal with sloths? Sloths are animated MOVIE STARS CRAGKEDOOM Sid the Sloth from the Ice Age movies was the series' breakout star. Actor John Leguizamo tried 30 VOiCES for Sid before settling on the one best described as food in the mouth. Another sloth, Belt, hangs out with



what's the deal with sloths? For $300, you can book a sloth SLEEPOVER At a sanctuary in Oregon, sloth lovers can pay to spend the night in an indoor tent watching the nocturnal creatures do their thing. Not everyone thinks this is a great idea, considering Portland isn't exactly

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what's the deal with sloths? SHHHHHH Sloths are sleeping CRACKED COM Captive sloths are the world's greatest teenagers, sleeping for 15 to 20 hours a day. They love to snooze hanging upside down by their claws from tree branches, which is pretty much what they like to do when they're awake.

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what's the deal with sloths? Sloth is a DEADLY SIN Check your Pocket Catholic Catechism: Sloth is the desire for ease, even at the expense of doing the known will of God. Fine, fine. We'll do it. Just give us fifteen more minutes.

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what's the deal with sloths? Baby sloths are born hanging UPSIDE-DOWN CRACKEDcO Sloths give birth hanging upside down from a tree branch. Babies enter the world with fully formed teeth, open eyes and clinging like hell to mom's fur. Baby sloths do fall sometimes, but can survive a drop of

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what's the deal with sloths? Like avocados? THANK A SLOTH The ancient giant ground sloth had a digestive system capable of processing large seeds. It loved avocados and pooped those seeds far and wide. If not for these extinct Johnny Avocadoseeds, we would not have the avocado today.

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