15 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About South Park

Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny have been on our screens for almost 24 years so it’s hard to imagine the core group looking any different. However, Matt Stone and Trey Parker originally had plans to kill off one of the main boys all the way back in season five.

Today we’ll learn more about that and 14 more behind-the-scenes facts about the show.


BEHIND-THE-SCENESp FACTS TREY PARKER DIDN'T WANT MAKE LOVE NOT WARCRAFT TO AIR. SOUTH PARK Parker says he thought they lost their touch during season ten and begged the network to not air the now fan-favorite episode. He thought the episode was terrible and that it would ruin their legacy. CRACKED COM



BEHIND-THE-SCENESp FACTS MATT STONE HATES THE FIRST THREE SEASONS. SOUTH PARK If I had to permanently erase anything from the library, it would basically be anything before season 4. It's just embarrassing to watch, says Stone.

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BEHIND-THE-SCENESp FACTS EPISODES ARE MADE IN A WEEK. SOUTH PARK While the process of making the show used to take several weeks, the show is currently written, animated, and produced the week before its air date. In comparison, it takes several months to complete a single episode of The Simpsons.

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BEHIND-THE-SCENESp FACTS KYLE WAS ALMOST KILLED OFF THE SHOW. SOUTH PARK The creators felt Kyle and Stan were too similar and planned on killing the character in the season five finale. They eventually gave up on the idea and decided to temporarily kill off Kenny instead. CRACKED.COM



BEHIND-THE-SCENESP FACTS CARTMAN'S MOM IS BASED ON A REAL PERSON. SOUTH PARK Trey Parker based Liane, Cartman's sexually promiscuous mother, on one of his ex-girlfriends from college who dumped him after cheating on him.

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BEHIND-THE-SCENESp FACTS FOX TURNED DOWN THE SHOW. SOUTH PARK Before landing on Comedy Central, Trey Parker and Matt Stone pitched the show to Fox. Executives at Fox turned them down because they didn't think a show about kids could work and wanted it to be more family-centric.



BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS THE CREATORS CAME UP WITH THE SHOW IN COLLEGE. SOUTH PARK Matt Stone and Trey Parker Met while attending University of Colorado Boulder. The two made each other laugh by coming up with silly kid voices, which led them to create Jesus Vs. Frosty- a short that became

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BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS JERRY SEINFELD WANTED TO BE ON THE SHOW. SOUTH PARK All the way back during season one, Seinfeld and several other celebrities offered to provide voice work for the show. Seinfeld ended up retracting his offer after getting offered the role of Turkey No. 2' in the episode



BEHIND-THE-SCENESp FACTS THE ART STYLE WAS INSPIRED BY TERRY GILLIAM. SOUTH PARK The art style of the earlier seasons was inspired by Gilliam's Monty Python animation. Both Trey Parker and Matt Stone were huge Python fans since childhood.



BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS IMAGINATIONLAND WAS ALMOST A MOVIE. SOUTTH PARK Before being broken up into three episodes, Imaginationland was conceived as the second South Park feature film. CRACKED.COM

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BEHIND-THE-SCENESp FACTS ERIC CARTMAN ISN'T THE ONLY ONE THAT HATES FAMILY GUY. SOUTH PARK do Tums out, his hatred of the show comes straight from Matt Stone and Trey Parker. The duo says they genuinely hate the show and its type of gag comedy.



BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS GEORGE CLOONEY WAS A FAN FROM THE BEGINNING. SOUTH PARK Clooney was such a huge fan of The Spirit of Christmas, the 1995 short that preceded the show, that he made VHS tapes of the short and sent them to his Hollywood friends. He went on to voice



BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS BUTTERS IS BASED ON A REAL PERSON. SOUTH PARK The character is based on Eric Stough, the show's mild-mannered animation director and producer. Before the character was born, Stone and Parker actually nicknamed Stough Butters. CRACKED.COM

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BEHIND-THE-SCENESp FACTS BLIZZARD HELPED MAKE MAKE LOVE, NOT WARCRAFT. SOUTH PARK People at Blizzard were ecstatic when they heard the show wanted to use their characters. Several Blizzard employees went to South Park offices to help them create the episode by allowing them to direct it using the game's engine.

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BEHIND-THE-SCENESp FACTS IKE WAS VOICED BY TREY PARKER'S DAUGHTER. SOUTH PARK euthitethioal venger Throughout the years, Kyle's brother Ike has been voiced by several staff members' kids. In 2016, Ike was voiced by Parker's threeyear-old daughter:. CRACKED COM

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