Tell Us Now: 30 Discontinued Fast-Food Items Missed Most

Prepare for unquenchable cravings.
Tell Us Now: 30 Discontinued Fast-Food Items Missed Most

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TELL US NOW. ORIGINAL FRIES WENDY'S WENDY'S we ways PRYinee HAMBOROERS fissred to OUt Megan J. says, I'm still pissed when I think about Wendy's old
TELL US NOW. VOLCANO BURRITO TACO BELL SERIOUSLY NEW! SPICY! Nickolas H. enthuses, That big sloppy, cheesy, spicy tube of Taco Bell had me waking up
TELL US NOW. TWISTER WRAP KFC Brandon G. longs for KFC's take on the burrito, which was basically all my protein. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. TACO SALAD WENDY'S New Taco Salad Nicole G. describes, It came with tortilla strips, salsa ranch dressing and Wendy's Chili. Delicious f
TELL US NOW. SUPER BAR WENDY'S SUPEREI Jason T. says, That's where I learned you could put pepperoni slices on a salad. That's what took it from sala
TELL US NOW. SEAFOOD SALAD TACO BELL TACOB B Debbie R. hopes this is a judgement-free zone to admit love for the quickly discontinued Taco Bell seaf
TELL US NOW. 'SHROOM N' SWISS ARBY'S Rose l. says, The crispy onion straws just made this burger the best.
TELL US NOW. MCSALAD SHAKERS MCDONALD'S Grilled Garden Chef Chicken Caesar Jessica H. tells Us, It was the perfect size for a quick lunch. And it mad
TELL US NOW. PINEAPPLE PIE MCDONALD'S Jessica M. says, I once had a pineapple pie from McDonald's. I've been chasing that high since.
TELL US NOW. LITTLE BUCKET PARFAITS Little KFC chocolate Parfait Bucket FZN EITAOIW creme SERVE E CHILLED A uID 1018448-010 up tab Pull William H. say
TELL US NOW. MEXIMELT TACO BELL Renee O. says, It was my favorite item at Taco Bell. I still get a craving for it from time to time, and I haven't fo
TELL US NOW. MEXICAN PIZZA TACO BELL Henry L. says, They were layered to perfection with pico de gallo, beans, meat and cheese and always the perfect
TELL US NOW. MCDLT MCDONALD'S MCD. M LT MCDonaid's Patly n & Tomato Beef COOLI stay Ye lb: stays HOT! Thelettuce The side side this onthis on Mike R.
TELL US NOW. ORIGINAL MCCHICKEN SANDWICH MCDONALD'S M Bill G. says, It was twice the size and actually had a taste to it. Then it went away, and we'r
TELL US NOW. ITALIAN CHICKEN SANDWICH BURGER KING BK Chloesha F. misses the item that debuted in 1988, alongside a French and American Chicken Sandwic
TELL US NOW. MCNUGGET'S HONEY MCDONALD'S uC.Oak Brook. NET 5 WT. 60523 1/2 0z. (14g) Bree C. demands the return of the plain clover honey as a dip for
TELL US NOW. BEEFY FRITOS BURRITO TACO BELL Keith R. tells US, I've been devastated ever since they took that cheesy crunchy goodness off the menu.
TELL US NOW. ENCHIRITO TACO BELL S3UcR t3en tacu SUCE Leslie M. misses Taco Bell's combination of an enchilada & a burrito.
TELL US NOW. DOUBLE-DOWN KFC Michael L. says, I know it seemed like a ridiculous joke, but damn that thing was sure tasty! 2 chicken breasts, cheese,
TELL US NOW. BREAKFAST DANISHES MCDONALD'S Eric M. says, They had apple and cheese, if I recall correctly. Damn, those were good. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. COOKIES COOKIES MCDONALD'S IAND. KIES SLAND. es M McDONALD'S OWI Chocolaty M Chip M. COOKIES Mike M. reminisces, The best thing McDonald
TELL US NOW. CINNAMON CRISPAS TACO BELL 39 Ginnamon rispas SHdRE Sinnariois Before Cinnamonn Twists, Joseph A. tells US, they had something far super
TELL US NOW. CHICKEN LITTLES Chicken KFC Littles Kentucky Pried Ch BNCH RES Jennifer C. explains that they used to be a comfort food as a child. CRACK
TELL US NOW. CHEDDAR MELT MCDONALD'S M CHEDDAR MELT Eric H. tells US, So simple but I never mastered how to not drip cheese on my car seat when I'd e
TELL US NOW. BK BROILER BURGER KING Elizabeth M. says, It was a grilled chicken sandwich. Sometimes I think I imagined it because NO ONE besides me s
TELL US NOW. BIG N' TASTY MCDONALD'S David H. tells US, It was like a Whopper, but less messy and, honestly, it tasted better. The Quarter Pounder De
TELL US NOW. STEAK, EGG & CHEESE BAGEL MCDONALD'S Kae B. gushes over the super juicy steak and delicious breakfast sauce and says, It's available a
TELL US NOW. ARCH DELUXE MCDONALD'S BJC says, I was 15 when McDonald's was selling the Arch Deluxe, and I loved it. I could recite every ingredient l
TELL US NOW. ARBY-Q SANDWICH ARBY'S Paul G. gushes, It's really just a regular roast beef sandwich, but it's marinated in a super delicious barbecue
TELL US NOW. ORIGINAL APPLE PIES MCDONALD'S McDonald's recently changed their apple pies to be slightly less bad for yOu, but Skye W. wants the origin
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