We all know that movies are built upon a foundation of coordination and elaborate preparation. From set design and build, to writing and editing, to cinematography, to directing and editing--there are literally armies of people working to plan and erect these cathedrals of the modern media landscape.

The funny thing is, despite all of this extensive planning some of the greatest moments in movies are completely improvised and unpredictable.

Apparently, if you let Bill Murray show up every day and say more or less whatever he wants on camera, he’ll be happy to do exactly that. 

We had no idea that Will Smith came up with one of his most famous monologues in the Fresh Prince on the spot. The last scene of Wayne's World? You guessed it, also unscripted.

Want to be surprised? Well, don't just stick to the script. Take a chance and scroll down for more! Here’s the full story, plus 14 others:

Harry Shearer and Jeff Goldblum improvised everything in The Right Stuff. They had exactly zero written lines, and writer-director Philip Kaufman told them You and Jeff improvise. Hopefully it'll be a little funny. CRACKED COM

Source: Wired

Bill Murray came up with pretty much all his lines in Kingpin. He'd just ask the directors what they wanted in the scene, and say whatever lines he felt would best achieve that, changing them on every take. CRACKED COM

Source: Mental Floss

The bubblegum line in They Live was an ad-lib. Roddy Piper just blurted out I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I'm all out of bubblegum on one take, and they kept it in. CRACKED COM

Source: NPR

The last scene of Captain Phillips wasn't supposed to be there at all. O'BRE The crew was on the real-life USS Bainbridge, and asked the captain what he did with the real-life Captain Phillips so they went with the infirmary, and basically recreated that with Tom Hanks. CRACKED COM

Source: The Week

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