15 Strange Inspirations For Iconic Pop Culture Works

Sometimes, inspiration strikes on the tour bus.
15 Strange Inspirations For Iconic Pop Culture Works

Turns out, we wouldn’t have had a classic comedy movie if it wasn’t for a random tour bus conversation. Here’s the full story, plus 14 others:

The look of Bambi was inspired by Song dynasty artwork. An early Bambi sketch Chinese-American Disney artist Tyrus Wong drew on 11th-century art from the Song dynasty to create the backgrounds for the movie.

Source: VOA

Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues wasn't inspired by any kind of real experience: Recorded Prison 4-44513 JOHNNY CASH FOLSOM PRISON BUUES THE FOLK SINGER Cash got the idea from the Hollywood movie Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison.

Source: TPR

Cheap, plastic toys from Hong Kong led to D&D monsters. DUNGEONS IDRAGONS MONSTER MANUAL Gary Gygax based some of the creatures in D&D's Monster Manual on the toys he found in a Prehistoric Animals pack (some kind of looked like dinosaurs, some didn't look like much of anything). CRACKED.COM

Source: io9

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