15 Lesser Known Oddball Celeb Side Projects

15 Lesser Known Oddball Celeb Side Projects

Many celebrities have taken on side projects in addition to their primary career. For some, these side projects are a way to explore a different passion or talent. For others, they may be a way to expand their brand and reach a new audience. Whatever the reason, celebrity side projects can be intriguing for both the celebrities themselves and their fans. Some celebrities have launched successful businesses with their side projects, while others have used them as a platform to raise awareness for a cause they are passionate about. Either way, celebrity side projects offer a unique glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous.

Do you know what John Legend does when he's not belting out soulful ballads or winning Grammys? He's a restaurateur! Chrissy Teigen is a cookbook author! And Jay-Z... well, we're not really sure what he does when he's not rapping or being a successful businessman, but we're assuming it's something equally as interesting. In the world of celebrity side projects, these three are just the tip of the iceberg. So if you're looking for some weekend reading material and some new ideas for your own side hustles, look no further - here are some lesser-known oddball celeb side projects that might just inspire you.

Bill Nye the Science Guy has a few inventions to his name. FIG. 5 FIG.6 He came up with a better ballet slipper and with an educational magnifying glaSs that incorporates a water-filled plastic bag.

Source: PBS

Vanilla lce starred in an Insane Clown Posse infomercial. He played Vanilla Zerg, an alien who came to Earth and reported that there was war, there was poverty, fighting, suffering, and unfortunately there was lots of straight-up hate. CRACKED.COM

Source: AVClub

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