Tell Us Now: Which Fictional Universe Has The Best Purchasable Loot?

“I’m going to Coruscant and buying video games.”
Tell Us Now: Which Fictional Universe Has The Best Purchasable Loot?

Loot boxes, as well as microtransactions, have taken a lot of heat in recent new games. Even after you've paid $60 for a game, some of the largest games, such as Call of Duty, Destiny 2, Star Wars: Battlefront II, or Middle-earth: Shadow of War, sell in-game, randomized loot boxes. In reality, if you do not even spend additional money, it can be tough to advance in some games, especially on the internet.

There’s plenty of in-game loot to buy, and we all know about regular old real world merch. But we wanted to know which fictional universe would produce the best real world loot.

On Facebook and YouTube, we asked Cracked readers which imaginary universes they'd like to spend their hard-earned credits, Quatloos, and Knuts in. While one brave freak in the Mac and Me-iverse wanted to obtain some coke, you largely wanted to buy butterbeer and lightsabers. So, scroll on down for a bunch of imaginary worlds that would have some undeniably cool swag!

TELL US NOW. Harry Potter CRACKED Jason G. says I'm going straight to Diagon Alley. Sebastian B. is preoccupied with the combo of modern tech and magic: Imagine the instant communication and instant teleportation services mixed. You'd be filthy rich, and there'd be almost no end to how much life
TELL US NOW. Doctor Who ORACKED R. Wolf says There's an entire universe no multiverse of cool and weird stuff to buy: emotions, Dalekanium, time travel, dimension jumps, cybernetics.
TELL US NOW. Dragon Ball GRAGKED Alex J. has no illusions of acquiring a Dragon Ball. Rather, Hoi-Poi Capsules would change EVERYTHING FOREVER.
TELL US NOW. 007 CRACKED Macaco C. says James Bond's clandestine weapons beat out every sci-fi space laser: A pen that's actually ten tons of C4 is dangerously awesome. You want an umbrella that's actually a blow gun? No problem. Astin Martin car that's armed to the teeth with the
TELL US NOW. Total Recall CRACKED Kyle I. says I get the dangers of it but if you subscribe to the 'he's actually still in the simulation' you can pretty much acknowledge how real that fantasy world is.
TELL US NOW. MCU and DCEU a m ET 28 CUN NED ales U es Mest Bahe D MICS s OUP GRACKED Some folks jumped right for superhero tech, but Daniel R. rained on their parade: you're not going to be able to buy Cap's shield, Stark's armour, Batman's
TELL US NOW. Star Trek ML CRACKED John N. plans on bringing his LARPing to life: I could rent some holodeck time and indulge a few fantasies I've had for years. Meanwhile, Lupus C. wants to soak in some culture: I'd get a case of vintage Romulan beer.
TELL US NOW. Lord of the Rings CRAGKED In a rich fantasy world filled to the brim with dope weapons and magic jewelry, Cameron T. is staying grounded: Buying a beer from the Prancing Pony would be awesome.
TELL US NOW. Grand Theft Auto CRACKED Tamao K's plans to live in San Andreas are blessedly free of robbing sex workers: You can own any cars you want for free. You can buy houses, buildings and business and watch the money come in. It's not as fantastic as it
TELL US NOW. Back to the Future a 0 6e B clns at Nis nes Dien ate e ak GRAGKED Sadly, Oliver A. has decreed that Elon Musk does indeed exist in the BTTFEU: I'd buy the Delorean. Those Tesla batteries can
TELL US NOW. Star Wars CRACKED While everyone else is drooling over steampunk war machines and death sticks, Schuyler W. says I've always thought there's got to be some awesome RPGS in the Star Wars universe. I'm going to Coruscant and buying video games.
TELL US NOW. Halo CRACKED Luis M. has clearly thought this through before: are we talking about being actually able to buy anything? Or are we still constrained by boring, real-life, killjoy laws? Say, if I lived in the Halo universe, would I be able to buy myself a Paris-class
TELL US NOW. Mac and Me CRACKED Tulio R. has the objectively correct answer: I want to buy the Coca-Cola formula from Mac and Me. That thing is a panacea for aliens. Just imagine how much I can capitalize with that thing for the alien family.
TELL US NOW. Fifth Element MURTIPA CRACKED Danielle C. brings up a great point: where else could you get a multipass? She's spending her credits on instant chicken, food truck food through your window, robot drinks, flying cars, space cruises.
TELL US NOW. Idiocracy GRACKED Holly D. sings the praises of a Brawndo- and smut-based economy: The economy of Idiocracy is absolutely insane, especially all the 'bathing suit material' clothing with fast food companies printed on them.
TELL US NOW. Pokemon GRAGKED Carl W. says the Pokeverse is basically OUR universe except you can buy pocket sized spheres that trap beings of immense magical elemental power, and trade bottle caps to increase your magical fighting pet's stats by a few points.
TELL US NOW. Arrival GRACKED Becca says you can take your Knuts and shove 'em: You can buy a book, that will help you learn an alien language, that enables you to see into the future. How is that not cooler than butterbeer?
TELL US NOW. Spaceballs SPICBALIS GRACKED Clint D. knows where the real money is made: Yogurt is the king of merchandising!
TELL US NOW. The Hunger Games CRACKED Austin A. says you can't beat the elaborate contraptions Clike the tracking drones, game makers shield, or arena wall), super natural genetic engineering (all the mutations, like the jabberjays) and the sheer amount of different cosmetic modifications.
TELL US NOW. The Flintstones GRAGKED Joshua M. you can keep your sci-fi gadgets and magic items: I mean, who doesn't want a mastodon as a sprinkler and a plate of ribs big enough to tip over a car?
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