16 Oops! Auditions Actors Just Want To Forget

It's nice to know that even famous actors, nay, Oscar winners, muck up an audition from time to time. Honestly, who here hasn't pitched up to an interview totally wasted? Or decided to shed their clothes in the middle of an important Q&A? Don't answer that. Let us have this little shred of relatability, or at least feel for the actor who just didn't know what a wolverine was. 


Mahershala Ali botched his Game of Thrones audition thanks to a lack of chairs. Ali auditioned for the role of Xaro Xhoan Daxos, the merchant prince of Qarth, and he had his whole audition planned out using chairs. I was working with doing all these power moves and stances and



Hugh Jackman prepared for his Wolverine audition by studying wolves. Jackman didn't know what a wolverine was, SO he added wolf-like movements and characteristics 1 to his performance. Bryan Singer had to explain to him that wolverines were real animals, and that it was more of a metaphorical idea when it

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Tom Holland botched his Star Wars audition because he couldn't stop laughing at the droid. Holland was up for the part of Finn, but it all came to an end when he had to act opposite a woman playing a droid. So I was doing all of this, like, 'We



George Clooney auditioned for a drunk character by getting hammered. Clooney got too real when he auditioned to play a drunk in Bram Stoker's Dracula directed by Francis Ford Coppola. After his audition, Coppola phoned Clooney's agent, shocked that the actor came to the audition totally wasted. CRACKED COM

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Kevin Hart auditioned for SNL by doing a character impersonation of someone nobody knew. Hart played former San Antonio Spurs point guard Avery Johnson, and it was clear to him that Lorne Michaels had no idea who that was. CRACKED COM

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Eddie Redmayne copied lan Holm for his The Hobbit audition. Redmayne auditioned for the character of Bilbo Baggins, SO he studied Holm's take on Baggins in Lord of the Rings. During his audition, the casting director immediately interrupted him, saying: No... own voice! Own voice! CRACKED COM

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Jenette Goldstein thought Aliens was about illegal immigrants. She went to the audition wearing make-up and high heels. It's where Hudson's line in the movie comes from: She thought they said 'illegal aliens' and signed up! CRACKED

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Nicholas Hoult didn't know he had to do a Hispanic accent for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. During his audition, they asked if he could do it in an accent like Puss in Boots in Shrek. I was doing the scene, but in my head before saying each line,

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Dave Franco took a nap in front of the camera because he misunderstood some casting terminology. When a casting director asked him to slate lwhich means to look into the camera and say your nameb, he didn't know what it meant. So he got comfortable and acted taking a nap,

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No one told Jake Gyllenhaal he was supposed to prepare an accent for his Lord of the Rings audition. Gyllenhaal apparently had no idea what he was supposed to do for the audition. [Peter Jackson] literally turned to me and said, 'You are the worst actor I've ever seen. Did

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Charlie Cox auditioned for a part acting blind. The Daredevil actor seemed to have become So used to playing his blind character that he ended up auditioning for a (speculated) role in Solo: A Star Wars Movie by acting blind. Halfway through it, the casting director stopped me and said,

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Chris Evans was a ball of nerves auditioning for Ben Affleck's Gone Baby Gone. When Evans arrived at the audition and saw Affleck, he was instantly starstruck. The first thing I said was 'Hey... am I gonna be okay where I parked?' And he said, 'Where'd you park?' And I



Kathryn Hahn brought a bag of props to a Coen brothers auditions. That was heartbreaker... a It was for A Serious Man...and I was way gung-ho...I I brought in a bag of props. It was too much. It was just way too much for the space and they were very



Bradley Cooper auditioned for The Green Lantern by giving the title character the same voice as Christian Bale's Batman. Cooper said it looked like a bad SNL sketch. I don't know what it was! I put a mask on and the director was like, 'Okay Bradley, be regular and talk.'



Dakota Johnson once took her shirt off during an audition, even though she didn't have to. The actress said it was the most embarrassing audition of her life. I got really into the scene and it was really dramatic and I took my shirt off, and then you didn't have

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Robert Pattinson pretended to be American for his Transformers 2 audition. As in, he literally tried to sell the filmmakers on him being American, even though they already knew he was English. I always kept thinking that if you say you're English then they judge your American accent.... So they