A general rule of thumb for any public figure: if you've been blessed with the gift of an internal monologue… use it. For those who haven’t been, well, then you had better be super extra careful every time there is a microphone anywhere near your face. 

Hot mic moments have been around ever since that fateful first time someone decided to heat up a microphone in the microwave (that’s what it means, right?), and as the years keep on rushing by, it is just a given that we get more and more of them – particularly in the twenty-first century, what with the sheer volume of interviews and mic’d up moments happening every single day. Here we have a collection of slip ups, uh ohs, and whoopsies that range across the entire spectrum of crassness, from angry actors yelling insults at their film crew to onanistic confessions by surprisingly spry geriatrics. 

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