16 Random Facts for Your Brain to Munch On

You never stop learning stuff. Even when you visit Cracked for your daily fix of fart jokes, you walk away knowing new things. As usual, we have collected here some facts that have appeared on Cracked for your convenience, so you don't need to frantically search for them to win that ill-advised bet you made with the guy delivering your discreetly-wrapped package (really, you should stop making those bets).

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Dangerous neighborhoods aren't particularly dangerous. Yes, some neighborhoods have a high crime rate, but statistics alone don't make them less safe than other places. Crime is pretty much concentrated in highly specific areas, among highly specific people. You're not more likely to be robbed in a bad neighborhood than anywhere

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Billionaires stifle innovation more often than they advance it. The much touted innovation is a lot harder and rarer than you've been led to think, and not how most billionaires make their fortunes. For big companies, it's just much easier and lucrative to keep churning out new versions of

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willy Wonka has a sequel partly set in outer space. In Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, Willy Wonka, Charlie Bucket, and Charlie's family ride a magic elevator to space, where they meet aliens and that's the least bonkers thing that happens. it's an outrage that we never

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Coachella is owned by a right- wing billionaire. Like many of our hippest institutions, the Coachella Festival is owned by a rich old codger. In this case, it's 81-year- old oil mogul Philip Anschutz, who has thrown money at decidedly un-hippie causes like climate change denial and immigration panic, and

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The cast and crew of Titanic did PCP by accident. A night of shooting was cut short when dozens of people got extremely high and had to be rushed to the hospital. As it turned out, the clam chowder the crew had for lunch had been spiked with PCP.

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Euro bills could have a unicorn on them. Among the many designs considered for the Euro banknotes in the '90s, some were quite unconventional - a particular entry depicting a majestic unicorn on the 100 Euro bill. The fact that it wasn't picked is reason enough to call Ur00.Y European authorities

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Max von Sydow had a secret role in Ghostbusters II. Von Sydow voiced Vigo the Carpathian in the 2009 Ghostbusters video game - and fans noticed that he sounded exactly like Vigo in Ghostbusters Il. Eventually, producers spilled the truth - they had von Sydow overdub the original actor's voice in

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Galileo mathematically mapped Hell. Long before The Lord of the Rings, nerds liked to argue about Dante's Inferno- and Galileo Galilei outnerded them all. In 1588, a young Galileo gave a series of lectures presenting his calculations about the physical and mathematical properties of Dante's Hell, and poking holes into

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