At A Glance: 17 John Mayer Facts

John Mayer: love him or hate him it's still an obsession. The guitar wunderkind has been ever-present in tabloids since his debut, but how much do you really know about the controversial singer-songwriter? Here are some fast facts about the artist…


AT A GLANCE JOHN MAYER John Mayer grew up in the well-to-do town of Fairfield, Connecticut. Hi HIs dad was a high school principal, and his mom was a middle-school teacher. CRACKED COM

Source: Men's Health


AT A GLANCE JOHN MAYER John Mayer was inspired to be a musician: by Back to the Future TTL LA M Bey B AN  STARLIGHTERS As a kid, Johin Mayer started taking guitar lessons after seeing Marty McFly's version of Johnny B. Goode. CRACKED COM

Source: LA Times


AT A GLANCE JOHN MAYER Mayer was SO obsessed with guitar his parents took him to a psychiatrist. Twice. His parents were concerned about their child's singular obsession and tried to get him to consider other career options. CRACKED COM

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AT A GLANCE JOHN MAYER John Mayer wrote Your Body Is a Wonderland when he was 14. The song is about his first girlfriend.

Source: VH1 Storytellers 


AT A GLANCE JOHN MAYER When he was 17, he was hospitalized for cardiac arrhythmia The experience inspired him to start writing song lyrics with a depth I didn't even know I had as a person. CRACKED COM

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AT A GLANCE JOHN MAYER Mayer had terrible acne throughout his teens aind early twenties. I had acne sO bad that I would cancel dates and plans and stay in the house, said Mayer, who would spend that time playing guitar.

Source: Men's Health


AT A GLANCE JOHN MAYER As a teenager, John Mayer worked at a gas station. Before he made it big, he also worked at a grocery store, record store, and Pier 1. CRACKED COM

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AT A GLANCE JOHN MAYER After going to Berklee, John Mayer was in a band called Lo-Fi Masters. The other member was Clay Cook; who is now part of Zac Brown Band. CRACKED COM

Source: Sounds Like Nashville


AT A GLANCE JOHN MAYER He released his solo EP Inside Wants Out in 1999. He also gained a small online following through the early music sharing site CRACKED COM

Source: Billboard 


AT A GLANCE JOHN MAYER John Mayer's first album was a huge success. He was 23 years old when Room for Squares was released. CRACKED COM

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AT A GLANCE JOHN MAYER John Mayer has won seven Grammys GRAMMY A TM AWARDS He gave the top half of his Grammy for Daughters to Alicia Keys, who he believed deserved it more for If I Ain't Got You.

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AT A GLANCE JOHN MAYER He's dated some of the most famous women in the world His A-List exes have kept him in tabloids and speculation over who song lyrics are about have kept his name in headlines.: CRACKED COM

Source: The New York Times


AT A GLANCE JOHN MAYER In 2010, he gave several controversial interviews THE MUSIC ATION'S LA1o 10 UST In an interview with Playboy, he said My dick is sort of like a white supremacist and used the n-word, referring to how he has a hood pass because of his Black

Source: Playboy


AT A GLANCE JOHN MAYER He left the spotlight for two years after his offensive interviews He had surgery for a growth on his vocal cords and moved to Montana, saying I did a couple really dumb interviews and it woke me up.

Source: Ellen Degeneres Show


AT A GLANCE JOHN MAYER John Mayer thought he would lose his singing voice. Due to medical conditions, he thought he might not be able to sing again sO started re-focusing on playing guitar. CRACKED COM

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AT A GLANCE JOHN MAYER John Mayer and former Grateful Dead members created the band Dead & Company Since 2015, Mayer, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann; Oteil Burbridge, and Jeff Chimenti has been performing together on occassion. CRACKED COM

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AT A GLANCE JOHN MAYER John Mayer collects watches Like, to a serious degree. He estimates his collection is worth in the tens of millions. CRACKED COM

Source: New York Times