Making movies is difficult -- particularly when the world isn’t cooperating. As the old saying goes, no plan survives contact with shit going tits up (or something like that). Fickle studio execs, clumsy actors, unexpected pandemics… A lot of behind-the-scenes stuff can get in the way of shooting a script as written. In some way, productions adapt -- sometimes with memorable results.

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Pandemic Pickle

BORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM was going to be about Trump and Trumpism - and then COVID-19 struck. Instead of ignoring the pandemics, the movie became about the conspiracy mindset in such a time.

Source: CBR

Cancelled Wedding

In Season 4 of ALLY McBEAL Ally was going to marry her boyfriend Larry, played by Robert Downey Jr. But just before the wedding episode was shot, RDJ went and got busted for drugs. Не was swiftly shown the door, and Ally remained unmarried.

Source: CBR

Miscommunication Problems

In ARRIVAL Dr. Banks explains to Col. Weber all are ARMY the nuances of language that make communicating with the aliens a slow, painstaking process. The scene is based on a similar explanation screenwriter Eric Heisser gave to the movie's producers, who just went, all that needs to be in the script.

Source: Talkhouse

Meddlesome Scientologists

SOUTH PARK lost Chef when Isaac Hayes quit over an episode lambasting Scientology - or so was reported at the time. Hayes' son revealed years later that his father was incapacitated due to health issues, and someone in his Scientology circle quit South Park for him.

Source: Billboard

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