14 Times Real Life Intervened To Make Film & TV History

"Stuff happening" should get a writer credit in every single movie and show.
14 Times Real Life Intervened To Make Film & TV History

No Film School sought answers to these movie-making challenges from creative directors from all 2021 Sundance Film Festival. Well, here's a list of some of the most serious challenges we heard, as well as the greatest ways of overcoming them in real life.

Filmmaking is largely a difficult game of ‘pick your poison’. Writing a great storyline, trying to deal with shareholders, or getting very good performances are all examples of competing priorities. Trying to earn the confidence of your subjects, helping to bring the entire archive to life, and keeping up with the news to its sometimes bitter end are all part of the documentary process.

Making movies is tricky, especially whenever the world does not cooperate. No, organize, as the adage goes, overcomes connection with stuff going belly up (or something like that). Studio executives who change their minds, sloppy actors, unforeseen pandemics... A lot behind the issues can interfere with trying to shoot a script even after it's been written. Productions find ways to adapt, with sometimes memorable results.

Pandemic Pickle

BORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM was going to be about Trump and Trumpism - and then COVID-19 struck. Instead of ignoring the pandemics, the movie became about the conspiracy mindset in such a time.

Source: CBR

Cancelled Wedding

In Season 4 of ALLY McBEAL Ally was going to marry her boyfriend Larry, played by Robert Downey Jr. But just before the wedding episode was shot, RDJ went and got busted for drugs. Не was swiftly shown the door, and Ally remained unmarried.

Source: CBR

Miscommunication Problems

In ARRIVAL Dr. Banks explains to Col. Weber all are ARMY the nuances of language that make communicating with the aliens a slow, painstaking process. The scene is based on a similar explanation screenwriter Eric Heisser gave to the movie's producers, who just went, all that needs to be in the script.

Source: Talkhouse

Meddlesome Scientologists

SOUTH PARK lost Chef when Isaac Hayes quit over an episode lambasting Scientology - or so was reported at the time. Hayes' son revealed years later that his father was incapacitated due to health issues, and someone in his Scientology circle quit South Park for him.

Source: Billboard

Poor Predacon

The makers of BEAST WARS: TRANSFORMERS hated Waspinator, as his buzzing, drawling speech ate up too much run time - but higher-ups mandated that the character must be used. Their solution was to turn him into a hapless buffoon that was blown to pieces early in every episode.
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