12 Pieces Of Bonkers Local News You Might Have Missed

12 Pieces Of Bonkers Local News You Might Have Missed

Mullets are many things, but you might not have considered them “untidy” or “unconventional.” That’s what Trinity College, Perth, calls them, though, which was grounds for banning them altogether. Here’s the full story, plus 11 others:

WEIRD WORLD In Bozeman, Montana, a guy rode his horse into a gas station. BRPe Be The station said he can come back, but only if he leaves his horse outside, and added that customers leaving their horse outside is mandatory from now on.

Source: KHQ

WEIRD WORLD A man in New York state drove to a court appearance in a stolen car. Mark S. Cooper, a suspect in several larceny cases, stole a car in Rensselaer, NY, then drove in it to Troy, NY for his appearance in Troy City Court. Troy police quickly caught

Source: News10

WEIRD WORLD In Michigan, a burglar demanded a guy's cats at gunpoint. The burglar woke him up around 4 AM and, at gunpoint, asked for his two cats. He only took one cat, and was soon found by the police. CRACKED.COM

Source: MLive

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