Tell Us Now: 20 Characters Who Got A Bad Rap

Jar Jar Binks and 19 other characters finally get their defense
Tell Us Now: 20 Characters Who Got A Bad Rap

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “Which hated character do you defend?” And, yes, even Jar Jar Binks has his defenders. Scroll down to read that, along with 19 more characters, finally get their redemptive arguments…

TELL US NOW. TED MOSBY HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Wolf S. saYS, He's long-winded, he's pretentious, but even he makes fun of himself constantly during HIMYM, seeing as how it's him telling the story. The ending was perfect for his character, because he loves his kids so much he
TELL US NOW. STARBUCK BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 267N5 Linda S. defends the character, Liked her badass self. She took on role that had a following and made it her own. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. SKYLER WHITE BREAKING BAD MarLee M. explains, It's easy to see her as an overbearing shrew while watching the show from Walter's perspective. But honestly, what spouse wouldn't be angry and defensive about unexplained absences, lies, a mysterious second cell phone, and everything else he put her
TELL US NOW. SHELDON BIG BANG THEORY Eli V. says, He is the only one from the guys that has an actual evolution of character, though there are certain set backs. He is consciously trying to change his behavior which is used for comic effect, but it is way more
TELL US NOW. SHANE WALSCH WALKING DEAD Patrick C. says, 'Shane got the short end of the stick from day one, was made out to be the evil one, and still saved them .. over and over and over .oo then got stabbed.
TELL US NOW. SANSA STARK GAME OF THRONES Antonio C. says, 'She might've not been the badass fighter that Arya was but she was a badass in her own way. She had one of the best character development arcs in the series.
TELL US NOW. RITA DEXTER Mitchell K. explains, She was a kind person and a loving mother, but 90% of the fandom hated her because sometimes she got upset with... a serial killer.
TELL US NOW. NEELIX STAR TREK: VOYAGER John N. says, He pulls his weight on the ship, and his energy and enthusiasm light up all his scenes. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. NAVI THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME TA21 ST30 H'OT Stephen M. says, Navi doesn't talk that much, and when she does, it's pretty helpful.
TELL US NOW. KYLO REN STAR WARS Jennifer C. says, A lot of people hated the emo boy vibes but the more I learned about his backstory and fall to the Dark Side, the more I like the portrayal of a toxic, tortured person who finds redemption.
TELL US NOW. KIM BAUER 24 Stephanie R. defends the character, saying, Everyone hates her for the ridiculous situations she got into but always thought she was resourceful in getting herself out of them mostly. And half the shite that happened to her was beyond her control anyway. I
TELL US NOW. JOFFREY GAME OF THRONES Thomas V. says, Yes, the character was despicable and everyone hated him, but that was the point. Jack Gleeson literally took a character in the books who you were just told was despicable and made you believe. He retired from acting afterwards due
TELL US NOW. JAR JAR BINKS STAR WARS Clifford F. says, Jar Jar Binks was not for the adults and in essence neither is Star Wars, it's mostly a fantasy for our inner nine-year-old. I literally watched two little boys laugh SO hard at the scene where Jar Jar gets
TELL US NOW. JANICE FRIENDS Carrie L. says, Sure that laugh was OTT, but that girl got ghosted SO many times and yet kept coming back for more. She showed a hell of a lot of resilience and loyalty. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. HAWKEYE THE AVENGERS Melissa M. shares, don't get why so many people seem to hate on Hawkeye from the Avengers. So what, he doesn't have super powers BFD he's got amazing skills both with a bow and without, he's got a fun sense of humor, and
TELL US NOW. YAMCHA DRAGON BALL Z Michael W. says, He's always treated as a ioke by the fans, and 0 kind of understand it since most Western audiences jumped right in from Dragon Ball Z without having watched or read the original pre-Z series. However if you watch the
TELL US NOW. DENNIS NEDRY JURASSIC PARK Albert R. says, He was the only computer guy in a big park where supposedly no expense was spared. It's obvious his work wasn't given the importance it deserved. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. DAWN BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Adam N. shares, I genuinely don't get why she's as hated as she is. Sure, she can be annoying every So often... but what kid isn't? She added a new dynamic to the show, and it was interesting to see Buffy taking
TELL US NOW. BATMAN BATMAN & ROBIN Larry E. defends George Clooney's Batman, He had a handle on the character but was let down by script and direction. The movie was ruined by an obsession with trying to produce Arnold's next great one-liner and a desire to move the atmosphere
TELL US NOW. ABBY THE LAST OF US PART l Freddy R. says, The entire point of TLOU2 was hating the other and forgiveness. People are mad at Abby for doing exactly the same thing as Joel. And the writing for it make sense: the world was never a fairy
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