News Flash: Hollywood lied to us. And so did the history books. Or at least or social studies books in elementary school. Actually, come to think of it, adult books lied to us to. Did you know Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code was NOT a documentary? Man, it was news to us. We wasted a whole summer in Franch being all “es-tu lalle fille de Jesus” only to be met with “what are you talking about? The McDonald's is over there, and no, they don't serve Royale With Cheese.” That a whole summer we could've spent time-traveling to a peacefully idyllic…wait, no, densely populated Pre-Columbian city.

See, a lot of our concepts of history comes from images and characters that have been condescended for narrative brevity. But if you look at the actual data, you'll learn that the world was (and is) fairly different from what you've been picturing.

For example ...


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