15 Lies About Airplanes Movies Keep Telling You

Fact is flyer than fiction.
15 Lies About Airplanes Movies Keep Telling You

Movie writers and directors often feel at liberty to make up stuff about airplanes, like you've never seen one. And the fact is, they're sort of right -- most people's experience with planes is just sitting in one for a while, like it's some kind of high-altitude, disgusting waiting room. You've used the bathroom and sipped the coffee (or avoided it), but such things are unrelated to aeronautics. Outside of that, you have only movies to go on.

Well, that's over now. We are here to set your aerial facts straight. Starting with...

THE SONIC BOOM IS NOT VISIBLE. When a plane is flying through moist air close to the speed of sound, shockwaves can create a vapor cone around it. But that isn't the sonic boom, which is much harder to pick up with a camera.

Source: BBC

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