Look, no celeb likes press junkets. You spend hours, no weeks of your time promoting work that you did years and years ago, answering the same questions over and over ("what was your process" for men and “did you lose weight” for women). You have to be a special kind of gregarious psycho to enjoy that aspect of the job. 

That said, we all have shows we think it'd be fun to go on. Who wouldn't want to be interviewed by a charmer like Conan or a thoughtful-yet-masochistic guy like Sean Evans?

But you could be best interviewer the world has ever known; you're still going to encounter the occasional Bill O'Reilly, who simply won't stand for being called a “bully.” Or Robert Pattinson, who's just plain sick of talking to his girlfriend. Or Naomi Campbell, who just isn't in the mood to talk about her blood diamond, okay??

Hell, even Terry Gross and Ryan Seacrest had trouble keeping these celebrities in their seats:

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Robert Pattinson CRACKED COM Ryan Seacrest, that absolute amateur, made the mistake of asking Pattinson about his... very public relationship with costar Kristen Stewart. When asked what he'd say to fans who want to know about the relationship, he said I can tell them to watch New Moon, it's a fantastic


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