Thankfully, most directors don’t go full “Quentin Tarantino” when it comes to cameo appearances in their own movies. We can’t even imagine what it would look like if every director decided to give themselves big roles despite the fact they can’t act. 

Here are 16 directors that could teach Tarantino a thing or two on how to make a proper cameo:

WES CRAVEN MAKES A TONGUE-IN-CHEEK APPEARANCE IN SCREAM. CRACKED cO COM Craven appears as a highschool janitor dressed like Freddy Kruger - the villain of his other horror classic, A Nightmare on Elm Street.


PETER JACKSON CAMEOS IN ALL OF THE LORD OF THE RINGS MOVIES. CRACKED  COM Jackson appeared as a villager in The Fellowship of the Ring, a Rohirrim Warior in The TWo Towers, and a Corsair killed by Legolas in Retum of the King.


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