15 Dropouts Who Found Success Post-School

15 Dropouts Who Found Success Post-School

Kids, stay in school. Education is important. However, if you do decide to drop out, you're in good company. (Keep in mind, a lot of these people were well-connected before they dropped out, so before you follow them, I just hope you were born rich.) Now that your earning potential is no longer on my conscious, here are 15 success stories to convince your parents to get off your back. 

Brad Pitt left college tWo weeks before graduation. Back before he was a household name, Pitt was in school for journalism but packed up and moved out to L.A. right before graduation. Obviously, his decision paid off. CRACKED COM

Source: NPR

Billie Holiday had to drop out of school at the age of 11. The incredible singer dropped out of fifth grade to run errands in a brothel. Although having an incredibly difficult life, she is considered to be the greatest jazz vocalist. CRACKED COM

Source: PBS

Simon Cowell dropped out of school at 16 FO R THE The talent show judge entertainment producer is known for being no-nonsense, which might be why he left his British boarding school. Who needs a degree when you can say you're responsible for One Direction?

Source: Yahoo!


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