You ever watch a classic movie with your friends and just gush about an actor? You're sitting there, eating popcorn, interrupting the movie and annoying your friends saying, “Man, look at that. Look at that acting. It's so good. It's no wonder they got an Oscar for this.” Then your friend stirs and says, “No, they didn't.”

You're furious. Of course they won the Academy Award for this performance. In fact, they won more than one Oscar in their career. You go to Wikipedia… no Oscars. But Wikipedia can be tainted by any jerkbag's opinion, so you go onto IMDB… man, you could have sworn they won the Academy Award. Oddly, this actor didn't just not win the Oscar for this movie you're ruining, they have never won an Oscar.

In fact, several talent and respected actors with decades-long careers have never won an Oscar yet most movie buffs would mistakenly think so. Here are 13 of them.

GLENN CLOSE is nominated for the eighth freaking time This year, Close is nominated for both an Oscar and a Razzie for Hillbilly Elegy, so there's that. Close and Peter O'Toole are tied for most Oscar noms without a win. Should have won for: The Wife

USA Today

WILL SMITH is oh-for-two at the Oscars CRACKED.COM Smith says it was all-white acting nominees, not his snub for Concussion, that was behind his 2016 Oscars boycott. The #Oscarssowhite protests led to more Academy diversity. Should have won for: Ali

TV Guide

BILL MURRAY wasn't even nominat: for Groundhog Day At least Murray had the common decency to look pissed off when he lost the Best Actor Oscar to Sean Penn in 2003. You was robbed, BIl! Should have won for: Lost in Translation


JIM CARREY has never been nominated There's a lot of monkey business that goes on around awards. Cit's a] gigantic clusterf*ck.. if you don't show up to a certain dinner, you screw your chances. Alrighty then. Should have won for: Man on the Moon


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