15 Potential Simpsons Cameos That Didn’t Become Reality

Rejection hurts, even when you’re The Simpsons.
15 Potential Simpsons Cameos That Didn’t Become Reality

Based on our data, if you are reading this then you know that The Simpsons have been on television longer than you have been alive. For over 30 years, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie have provided hilarious adventures (at least for the first 10 seasons). With over 700 episodes, the show featured so many guest stars that it’s hard to imagine anyone ever said no. 

In fact, how is that possible? Isn't it a rule that if you are a person of note, you'll be on The Simpsons? The show even featured George Plimpton for God's sake. Speaking of “for God's sake,” even God showed up on The Simpsons! It's impossible to not be on the show.

Yet for a select few, it is possible. Not because there was no interest, but because they declined. Some of them, repeatedly. Here are 15 stars who decided to take a pass on animated posterity.


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