Even before you sit on the couch, you don't always want to see daily difficulties or stories; instead, you would like to evacuate into a world, unlike anything you've seen before. If you've ever begun wondering if this was even conceivable while watching your team's science fiction movies, today is one lucky day.

Your favorite sci-fi movies, if nothing else, demonstrate how innovation can shape the world, trying to provide another lens to look through societal structures at times. However, when viewed with an optimist's perspective, those very same films can demonstrate how modern technology could indeed preserve and even advance some of humankind's best qualities.

"I do not even know a single person that doesn't have a fantasy…Everyone needs a fantasy." Said Artist Andy Warhol

Even by Marlon Brando's standards, introducing yourself to someone by quoting a movie line back at them is creepy. Here's the complete story, as well as 12 others:


Michelangelo's David has a clear sign of heart disease. It's a bulging vein on the right side of his neck- AKA jugular venous distension. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM

Source: USAToday

The Enterprise in The Next Generation had dolphin and whale crewmembers. -CETACEAN NAVIGATION LAB -CETACEAN LIFEBOAT (1 OF 4) WET/DRY ACCESS LOCK CETACEAN OPS According to a 1991 technical manual, there's a Cetacean Navigation Lab with 12 bottlenose dolphins and two whales who act as supervisors. This is never shown

Source: ScreenRant

Cosplay became a thing in 1939. Sci-fi fan Myrtle Douglas and her husband wore costumes from the 1936 H.G. Wells movie Things to Come to the World Science Fiction Convention that year, and costume contests became an annual tradition at that convention after that. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

Source: Racked

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