14 True Facts That Sound Like Total Nonsense

Sometimes, science sounds like utter madness.
14 True Facts That Sound Like Total Nonsense

Look, the world is a wild place. As a human, you can be endlessly curious, do endless research, and constantly explore things…only to still be totally taken aback by some wild facts. And that's where we, the dogged and constantly baffled researchers at Cracked, come in to help. We can't get enough of the nutso aspects of life that sound too impossible to be true, and to help our beloved audience out, we've organized them into fun little pictures. With text. Wait, those are called “memes?” Huh. And the word “meme” originated way back on the 1970s in a book written by Richard Dawkins? Wow. See, we even surprise ourselves sometimes.

Did you know that the average Frenchman is 5 feet, 10 inches tall? Your reaction to that should be, “No, but now that that you mention it, that sounds about right.” The following facts, however, sound totally unbelievable, no matter your knowledge of Frenchmen. Really, they sound like utter madness. 

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