15 Surprising Movie Cameos By Celebs (Who Aren’t Actors)

Apparently, being in Star Trek was a bucket list item for Jeff Bezos.
15 Surprising Movie Cameos By Celebs (Who Aren’t Actors)

Being in Star Trek was apparently on Jeff Bezos' bucket list, which is ironic given his excursion to the edge of space and the spirit of Star Trek. But he's not the only one who wants to appear on the Enterprise (or whatever other ship they use these days), as a real-life king and a real-life astronaut have expressed interest in making cameo appearances. We are not here today to discuss how Star Trek, science, and people's dreams of space travel have gone hand in hand for decades.

No, we're looking at several instances in which non-actors have appeared in films and television shows, ranging from directors appearing for a cameo to incredibly meta gags about writers mentioned in the project. Then there are those occasions when musicians join in the fun, occasionally to rock out, but more frequently to have a good time. Continue reading to learn about a few non-thespians who are getting a piece of the acting pie.

A real-life king had a cameo on Star TREk: Voyager. In 1995, King Abdullah I of Jordan (then Prince Abdullah bin Hussein), a Trek superfan, showed up in the episode Investigations as a science officer. He got on really well with actors Ethan Phillips and Robert Picado, and asked them

Source: BBC

Three big-name music artists appeared in Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire. They're Jarvis cocker, plus Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway from Radiohead, and they made up The Weird Sisters the band who played at the Yule Ball. CRACKED COM

Source: NME

Kurt Vonnegut cameod as himself in the Rodney Dangerfield movie Back to SCHOOL. We'e here IH help to anudents:- Rodney's character, Thornton Melon, hires a guy to write a school paper on Kurt Vonnegut that guy turns out to be Vonnegut himself. CRACKED COM

Source: NPR

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