15 Devastating SNL Impressions (and What Celebrities Thought of Them)

15 Devastating SNL Impressions (and What Celebrities Thought of Them)

At Saturday Night Live, cast members shine in their mastery of impressions. Even before she was cast on the long-running NBC comedy series, Chloe Fineman had dedicated followers - her Instagram is indeed a veritable goldmine of that sweet, sweet celebrity impression content. She brought it to the SNL at Home episodes which were shot during the quarantine in Spring 2020. She shone especially brightly in her Master Class illustrations.

We could come up with a list of Kate McKinnon's biggest celebrity impressions; they're all so spot on and honed that only choosing one to highlight feels odd. Yeah, of course, McKinnon's Hillary Clinton parody is undoubtedly her symbol; it's very accurate, but her Justin Bieber impersonation is also memorable. Betsy DeVos, too. And she's got Ellen DeGeneres!

You've probably made it if you appear in a sketch on Saturday Night Live. However, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, some celebrities are unable to accept a compliment.

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