TV executives love nothing more than a proven commodity. If a movie is successful and makes oodles of money, then it must be a good thing and the obvious consequence should be MORE MORE MORE of that. That’s how franchises tend to be born, after all. Often, this works when making a movie about a successful TV show (see: Star Trek, Deadwood). But the other way around? That tends to be less successful. So, over the years, we’ve gotten many, many failed TV spinoffs of popular and well-regarded films. And when we say failed, we don’t mean that they were good but failed to find a large enough audience. Oh no. On the contrary, we mean that not only did they fail to find an audience, but the really, really sucked. They really shouldn’t have existed at all in the first place, and it’s a good thing no one remembers them. But it’s fun to look at them anyway, if only for the novelty of it. So here are 13 examples that prove beloved big-screen movies don’t guarantee hit TV series. 

AS IF TV COULD IMPROVE ON CLUELESS CRACKED COM Amy Heckerling originally developed Clueless as a TV pilot before it was turned into a hit movie. Cher Horowitz comes full circle in a sitcom that was quickly cancelled. That was way harsh, Tai.

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USA NETWORK COOKED UP SOME WEIRD SCIENCE For five (!) seasons, Gary and Wyatt continued to not get busy with computer- generated dream gal Lisa. She still has the ability to grant wishes, except for the actors' desire to look like real teenagers.


THERE'S NO JOHN CANDY CHARM ON UNCLE BUCK CRACKED.COM 1990 critics clutched their pearls when a young girl yelled You suck!' in the very first episode of Uncle Buck. Ironic since it was a perfect two-word review of this short-lived series.


NO BEER FOR THE TV COACH OF THE BAD NEWS BEARS BEARS BEAS BEARS 2 BE ARS CRAGKED The fun of the original Bad News Bears movie was watching kids curse and fight as they lost baseball games. Take away the bad words and violence and you're left with a


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