13 Rules for Writing Jokes for Late Night

13 Rules for Writing Jokes for Late Night

Any comedy writer will tell you that writing jokes for late-night is a whole different animal than other types of comedy writing. The key to success is understanding what the audience is looking for and then delivering it in a way that is both clever and original. There are a few things to keep in mind when crafting jokes for late night. First, remember that the jokes need to be timely and relevant to what is happening in the world. This means that they need to be sharp and to the point. Second, they should also be unexpected. The best jokes are the ones that catch the audience off guard and make them laugh out loud. Finally, they should be short and sweet. Keep your jokes concise and avoid long-winded set-ups. If you can master these elements, you'll be well on your way to writing killer jokes late at night.

Late-night writers have to write hundreds of jokes a week, so waiting for inspiration isn't an option. Here are 13 tips for writing comedy, like the pros.

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