Count On It: 14 Eyebrow-Arching Numbers

Count On It: 14 Eyebrow-Arching Numbers

Let us give you the cold hard numbers. Want to know how old the oldest cat was? How much The Terminator script cost? How many Baha men there are? We've got answers. You can count on it.  

$1 CRACKED CO James Cameron sold the script for The Terminator for $1, under the condition that he could be the director.

Source: IGN

20 Baha Men CRACKED COM 20 people, past and present, have been members of the group famous for the single Who Let The Dogs Out

Source: EW

28 years old 28 was the average age of the Beatles when they broke up. None of them were over 29-years-old.

$400 million CRACKED COM Even though he sold 61 million albums, Michael Jackson was $400 million in debt when he died.

Source: Billboard

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