12 Pretty Weird Headlines That Might Have Slipped By


The news is frequently flat-out weird. Sometimes, reporting is cut-and-dry: “here’s what Politician X said today, here’s a new bill being proposed, a new restaurant is opening, now you are informed.” Sometimes, reporting is “whoa guys, get a load this weirdo shit over here.” It doesn’t help that we live in a toxic-combination era of the 24-hour news cycle, social media doomscrolling, and some of the stupidest people possible at the levers of power. That makes it easy to feel like everything is happening all the time. It’s overwhelming. It also means a lot of totally nutso things get snuck in under the radar, no matter the combination of creative and/or depressing.

Fortunately, this is a comedy website, where we can all collectively come together, marvel at the world’s insanity, and make jokes. Here are 12 recent stories that made us lean back in our desk chair, throw up our hands, and say “I don’t even know anymore.”

An ldaho Republican voted against using federal cash for early childhood education on pretty ridiculous grounds. MDOR MANWARING 29 BUCHTI Rep. Charlie Shepherd (R) LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 7 ny bill that makes it easier or more convenient for mothers to come out of the home and let others raise their child,

Source: KTVB

The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a bill that would let it declare federal laws unconstitutional. EFEE ILI Under the bill, they could ask the AG to declare federal laws unconstitutionalc- and if the AG refused, the oklahoma legislature itself could do it. But if the bill somehow passes the

Source: KOCO

The Toronto Star's parent company is opening an online casino to fund its newspaper business. TORONTO STAR WEATHER HIGH n CIMIX OF SUN AND CLOUDS MAP s8 MONDAY OCTOBER When it VOTE 2019 comes to voting there's often a generational divide. But family debate Bulletproof can lead to valuable lessons

Source: CBC

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