12 Bonkers News Stories You Might Have Missed

12 Bonkers News Stories You Might Have Missed

In case you were too busy reading important headlines, you may have missed the most entertaining ones. Reality has the weirdest plot twists.

Edvard Munch kind of vandalised his own painting, The scream. The top left corner of the painting has the text Can only have been painted by a madman almost illegibLE. Experts have been debating for decades about who wrote that, and recent research determined that Munch himself did.

Source: CNN

A tampon got a prison staffer fired. A body scanner at the prison detected the tampon, and guards thought she was trying to smuggle something into the prison. Even a long interrogation didn't get them to change their minds, and she lost her job -sO she's suing. CRACKED.COM

Source: NBC12

A lesbian love triangle has been terrorizing gyms in Czechia. 122 B For years, a gang of three lesbians Cincluding a policewoman) has been infiltrating gyms and stealing from lockers. The policewoman, who was with love with one of the thieves (but that wasn't reciprocated, as the other two were

Source: Squeekly

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